Astrological Services Terms and Conditions.


By choosing to continue with the astrology consulting service, you accept that:

1. Hanyelichukwu Paul Okolo is the astrology consultant and that you have decided to
engage his consulting services.

2. That the person accepting these terms and conditions, is now known as the client
engaging the astrologer in consultation.

3. The service being provided is an astrological interpretation service, and this service is based on the understanding and opinions of the astrology consultant, which in this case is Hanyelichukwu Paul Okolo.

4. The client also acknowledges that the opinion of the astrologer on any subject matter
may not be what the client wants to hear. The client acknowledges that what the
astrologer is offering is only the astrologer’s opinion on astrology, and astrology natal
chart interpretation. Nothing more and nothing less.

5. The client is solely responsible for purchasing the consulting opinions of the astrologer,
and that the astrologer provides this opinion with absolutely no guarantees that they
will meet the expectations of the client. The astrologer provides a YOUTUBE channel
with numerous examples of his opinions published in digital format, such that the
client can peruse this channel before deciding to purchase similar opinions from the
astrologer regarding their own astrology interpretation needs.

6. That the astrologer provides this astrological interpretation according to the best of
his ability and understanding of astrology.

7. That this interpretation provided by the astrologer is based on the astrologer’s opinion
of the birth data that the client has supplied of their own free will.

8. That the astrologer delivers this astrology interpretation as a digital audio file,
transmitted via WhatsApp to the client’s phone number, which the client has also
supplied to the astrologer of their own free will.

9. WhatsApp is a publicly available messaging service, which the astrologer uses for
transmitting digital messages to client. That the astrologer is free to use any other
method of transmission to deliver consulting opinion to the client. The client may have
preferences for mode of digital transmission, but the astrologer is not obligated to
acquiesce to any of the clients’ suggestions.
10. That the astrologer has no control over the behavior of this publicly available
messaging service such as WhatsApp or other digital transmission services, nor its
internal algorithmic workings. The astrologer does not own or control the behavior of
these services.

11. That the client must acknowledge, by responding with a message reading “I HAVE
upon digital file containing the recorded opinion of the astrologer, has been
transmitted by the astrologer to the client via use of WhatsApp messaging service or
any other digital transmission service. If payment to astrologer was not received
before the product/service files were transmitted to client, then at this point, client
must pay astrologer the agreed upon contracted amount in full.

12. At this point, the astrologer will have contractually delivered the product/service paid
for by the client. If payment to astrologer was not received before the product/service
files were transmitted to client, then at this point, client must pay astrologer the
agreed upon contracted amount in full.

13. That client must also acknowledge via WhatsApp messaging service, or any digital
transmission service which the astrologer used to transmit recorded opinions to the
client, that they have downloaded and listened to the digital audio file transmitted by
the astrologer to the client, by responding with “I HAVE DOWNLOADED AND LISTENED

14. Astrologer also offers online live training sessions in astrology. This service is delivered
via scheduled live telecommunication interface such as Zoom or WhatsApp video call.
This service may also be delivered via saved and uploaded private video streaming of
recorded lectures, training sessions and other material made available by the

15. Every lecture and training session, indeed every service or product offered by the
astrologer to the client, is based on the astrologer’s opinion alone. All the lectures,
sessions and training materials delivered by the astrologer to the client simply reflect
the opinions of the astrologer only. The astrologer cannot be held responsible for any
opinion so provided. The client can review the astrologers’ opinions on astrology or
other topics, on his YOUTUBE publicly available channel before purchasing any of the
astrologers’ products or services.

16. The client is solely responsible for the decision to purchase any of the astrologers’
opinions. The astrologer cannot be held liable that every opinion espoused by the
astrologer on the topic of astrology or other subjects will meet with the acceptance of
the client.

17. All opinions offered and sold by the astrologer can be classified as intangible products
and services. This means that once transmitted and confirmed received via email or
other digital transmission services, these products and services can no longer be
returned to astrologer. As such, astrologer can not offer refunds to clients under any
circumstance whatsoever once client has given the go ahead for consultation by
providing their birth data or other relevant details to astrologer. Providing birth data
to astrologer for any astrological services, qualifies as the beginning of a contract
between astrologer and client, and terms of payment must be defined and agreed
upon as per each contract before any opinion can be given by the astrologer to the
client. Client accepts this condition of purchase without any possibility of dispute.

18. Training programs offered and delivered by the astrologer are said to be in progress
once the client has received from astrologer, training materials in the form of PDFs,
private video links, recorded videos/podcasts or live video sessions. Training programs
are said to be complete when the client has participated in or received access to ALL
training materials provided by the astrologer for the purposes of delivering the
astrologer’s online training program via email or other messaging services. As such,
training programs cannot be refunded once payment is made, and training materials
are transmitted and delivered to the client via any digital transmission service.

19. The client is solely responsible for purchasing any astrological or other consulting
services offered by the astrologer. The astrologer accepts no liability whatsoever
regarding the decision of the client to purchase any astrology services or astrology
opinions of any kind from astrologer.

20. The astrologer accepts no liabilities and is completely indemnified by the client for any
opinion whatsoever offered by the astrologer to the client. All opinions offered by the
astrologer to the client on any subject matter, including astrology, are solely based on
the astrologer’s understanding and interpretation of astrology or other subjects.

21. All training materials offered by the astrologer to the client are protected by the
intellectual property rights of the astrologer. These rights are held indefinitely and may
not be violated in any form. The client may not resell, distribute, broadcast, share,
disseminate, commercialize, rewrite, or claim authorship of any of the astrologer’s
intellectual property rights. The only partial exception to this rule are the astrologers’
opinions prepared specifically for the client using the personal data of the client which
they have supplied to the astrologer for the purposes of soliciting the astrologers
opinion. The client cannot claim authorship for these specific exceptions prepared by
the astrologer specifically for the client. Authorship of specific opinions must always
be attributed to the astrologer.