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The Universe, life and humanity, are expressions of a very specific physics which I have termed the physics of blackness! It is a physics typified by the promulgation and preservation of three sixes. These sixes reflect a very specific type of universal resonance condition, which underlie the manner in which all Complexly Evolving Ensembles (CEE), are organized.

Life is one example of a CEE. I call this resonance condition a K-Pattern, the Prime Signal, the physics of blackness, or just simply, Organized Complexity.

The physics of blackness is an apt name because in my view, the physical elements are instances of relational orders (see my podcast on how G-D built the universe, and why), so if Hydrogen is an instance of the relational order, one, then Carbon is an instance of the relational order, six.

Carbon12 as discovered in its natural form on earth and in space, is black, and my Principles of Organized Complexity shed light on why all life is based on Carbon12. As such, in maintaining Organized Complexity in physical existence, nature counts, and it uses this counting process and the geometry underlying this relational order of six, to ensure a strict adherence to Organized Complexity. So, it doesn’t matter what your epidermal skin tone really is. Underneath it all, the physics of blackness runs your entire biochemistry and the way that you are organized. If it didn’t, you wouldn’t be alive!

So, what the heck is the global system of white supremacy?? It is a system of extreme ignorance, corruption, human suffering and ultimately, denial.

So, these 6 podcasts I have created, are part biochemical evidence supporting the physics of blackness, and part rage against the deeply ignorant system of global white supremacy.

My claims in these podcasts are not some nonsensical, pseudoscientific claims. They are based on actual literature review of mainstream published science, and in these reviews, I highlight how nature uses these sixes to achieve and maintain the requirements of Organized Complexity, as described in my book, The Five Principles of Organized Complexity, published in 2011 and 2020!!

In these 6 podcasts, I propose, for the very first time in science, a radically new idea underlying the metabolic nature of living memory, and I follow through with evidence in support of my idea. I propose that the Glycolytic and Photosynthetic metabolic pathways are the universal metric underlying memory formation in living things because a similar physical process is at work in non-living things.

Under such a perspective, Mitochondria play a central role in memory formation, and the synthesis of ATP, Adenosine Triphosphate, becomes how nature enforces a strict adherence to Organized Complexity within all living things. This ensures that every living thing in existence conforms to the very Principles which describe how G-D built this universe; the physics of blackness! From this context, I reinterpret some aspects of Torah narratives, especially those concerning the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life.

So, why should you care enough about these 6 podcasts to make financial investments in them?

You should care because the global system of white supremacy thrives off the ignorance of humanity, and the need for financial investment only demonstrates your own commitment to your own freedom from this ignorance. This system of white supremacy racism is a complete and utter fraud, and therefore implies that the reality you are currently processing in your head remains a victim or shame-filled one. The result of this is that this imposed surrogate reality is making everyone cognitively ill, and therefore unable to see the truth of reality clearly. If you cannot see reality clearly and truthfully, then you cannot see yourself clearly too, and as a consequence, you cannot see G-D clearly as well. Such a condition implies that you are mere food to be fed upon by those who maintain this current corrupt reality in states of terrorism, war, separation, division, hate, fragmentation, suffering, hopelessness, theft, shame, genocide and ultimately, denial. Make no mistake, there is nothing like a “white” human being, and your epidermal skin tone does not change this fact! If you think it does, then you are as much under a powerful information deception as anybody else, and you are being fed upon, whether you realise this or not. Truth is the only freedom attainable!

Welcome to the physics of blackness!!!

The science of Organized Complexity, reflecting the deep Principles of how G-D built this universe and all life within it.


This lecture begins by asserting that G-D is not a religious concept. Via deductive logic and inference, I begin the process of logically deconstructing the phenomenon of white supremacy. In this part one, I weave a narrative that is designed to prove that physical reality is Primordial mind, and that this mind implies an implicit universal memory. This is the reason why living things evolve memory systems.


I continue the discourse on what memory is, and why it is a feature of the physical laws of nature. The narrative then transitions into the relationship between the need for life with memory, and how memory is tied to biochemical metabolisms and energetic differentials. Then I use the relationships discovered to totally discredit the global system of racism white supremacy!

I introduce, for the first time, a description of life as an automorphism from a complex environment to itself.


My arguments continue via highlighting the different ways that G-D builds living things according to the Principles of Organized Complexity, which is the physics of blackness, and how he maintains and sustains all life on earth. I draw special attention to the ubiquitous metabolic processes of glycolysis and photosynthesis, and how these processes are used as an immovable datum for the erection and calibration of biological memory.

Special emphasis is given to the role of Mitochondria as the primary enforcement mechanism for the biological implementation of Organized Complexity.


The fiery narrative continues and more examples of Organized Complexity are elicited from the vast peer-reviewed biochemical literature, which prove all of my assertions.

From enzymes to cofactors, from vitamins to nucleogenesis, I scour the literature demonstrating that all life, and especially human life, is literally the propagation of three sixes patterning the distribution of Prime numbers.

This patterning of sixes is what I call a K-Pattern, the physics of blackness, the Prime Signal, or just Organized Complexity.

No other body of investigative research anywhere on earth even comes close to the biochemical associations I reveal here.


The narrative continues into part 5, and I make the continued argument that white supremacy is a dysfunction exactly because of how the biochemistry of life is wired to operate. I argue that Mitochondria is the basic comparator of metabolic pathways and that this comparative ability forms the basis for biological memory. In this part, I also argue that ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), is a geometric representation of the three sixes of Organized Complexity. I also make significant comparisons with narratives from the Torah, especially with reference to the first light of creation which modern day Jews call the Ohr Haganuz. I explain what this first light is and what it represents from a biochemical and metabolic point of view. I conclude the part by asserting that only the mercy of G-D can save all humanity from the destruction already programmed by the pursuit of white supremacy.


Coming soon.

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